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This Too Shall Pass

In my journey of healing lately, all is often well and beautiful and so amazing. But even still, there are times when more “stuff” comes up to be cleared.

The more safe, open and relaxed I feel, a gateway for my deepest, darkest feelings is allowed to come up to the surface of my consciousness. These feelings weren’t allowed to come up before, but now they are here in the light and ready to be integrated with the rest of my whole.

If you can relate to this, remember that -This Too Shall Pass.

Whatever it is, it will pass.

Feel what you feel (don’t press it down for later), breathe, be with people who can honour your process, and let it pass through, as long as it takes. You’re be clearer and brighter on the other side – at least that’s how I feel 😉this-too-shall-pass

Stay Energized during the Shorter Daytime Hours

We’ve already reached the time of year that most of us are waking up when its still dark/dim outside, and it seems to already be dark when its barely suppertime.  Yes, this reality is inevitable and its part of nature’s beauty and organization.  But gee! it doesn’t always feel like that!  Many of us feel the effects of the seasonal change as a generally low mood, lack of energy and motivation.  The good news is that we can do something about it!

The easiest and most effective way to raise your energy is – get outdoors!  Make a commitment to get outside for at least 25 minutes a day (or at least every other day) aside from dashes from car to building and vice versa. There is actually a lot of light out there!  And it really will change your mood.  Outdoors, you are free of the confinements and energetic obstructions of the indoors, your energy field can breath (it really is big, you know), and your field can realign to the ebbs and flows of nature.  If you can combine your outing with a quiet walk, you get the bonus of clearing your mind and stress relief. Yay!
(Extra tip: Sometimes, if I’m having an extra busy day and I have to make a long phone call, I walk outside at the same time…its better than nothing!)

Other tips for maintaining a high vibration during the fall are:

  • Keep up with your regular exercise.  If you don’t feel like that high-powered workout, opt for a gentle yoga routine, whatever you do, stay in tune with your body and get it moving.
  • Watch your diet.  Check that you aren’t sinking into the sugar-ruts of the cold season.  Sweets give us that immediate satisfaction, but we all know it doesn’t last long.  That said, of course we deserve treats once in a while 🙂
  • Bring the light inside.  Check the lighting in your home and see how it makes you feel.  Are the areas you live in most lit appropriately?  Does it feel gloomy? Dull? Ambient? Fun?  Change it up and consider having a fun coloured string of lights INSIDE.  Light a candle when you are sitting at the dinner table.  These little touches go a long way.

I hope these tips make a positive difference in your experience.  What else do you do to stay bright during the fall?  Comment below.

How to Walk through Your Fears -with Love

11017693_983317305021022_4334215663709795347_nI’ve walked over hot coals at 27 different events.  I’ve walked over figurative hot coals in my life so many more times and always manage to get to the other side.  This past weekend I co-hosted a women’s retreat.  Firewalking was part of the transformative experience.  This was the third time for me to be the primary leader of the firewalk (as opposed to co-leading or assisting).

The very first time I lead the firewalk I had a knowing that I was able to fulfill my role as facilitator, but I had so much fear come up in me that I was literally shaking in my boots.  The second time, I lead the firewalk I realized that it wasn’t me bringing these willing participants over the fire, it was a power beyond me.  I really was just the facilitator.  I needed to let my ego take a back seat and get over the false notion that “it was up to me” to inspire people to cross the coals.  This alleviated almost all of the fear I had from the previous walk and was left with mostly nervous excitement.  In preparation for this third firewalk with an all-women group I had an even deeper knowing that it was Spirit, the Elements and each of our Divine Connection that was going to lead this group to walk over fire.  This made me feel good and confident that, it is not up to me if someone walks or doesn’t walk.  It doesn’t matter if it rains or doesn’t rain or if we have the walk at all.  The more I stay in connection with Spirit and my Divine Guidance and set the space for each person to be in Connection with theirs, the more I can relax and simply let the ceremony unfold.  IMG_0681

As I witnessed woman after woman take those 5 or 6 steps across the coals, I learned and when I say learned, I mean I felt such a deep knowing that it truly is love that takes people over the fire safely (literally or figuratively).  I could see the heart energy of the woman walking and it was as if it took her floating across the coals.  When I stayed focused on my heart energy, I energized the space for this woman to walk across the fire and into her dreams/goals/intentions.  And this is true if I am walking myself or encouraging someone else on their path.  On the path of Self development and Spiritual discovery, you may have noticed that we continually learn the same truths but at a deeper, more embodied level as we progress on our journey.  To me, this experience was a powerful affirmation. As we experience Love and Faith in our Selves and in the Greater unseen Powers around us to assist with whatever we are facing, our fear is extinguished and we achieve the impossible.

I am so grateful and honoured for experiences like this in my life.  Thank you to all the woman who came out and made this experience possible.  13701141_10157119419120618_8391490732560195572_o(1)

May the love we experienced walking over the fire guide you to see through all fear and into that amazing life experience you’ve dreamt of.  Thank you.

How to have more Restful Sleep

Waking up feeling groggy and tired is a common occurrence symptom I hear from many of my clients.  A few simple steps can help you have a more restful sleep and wake up full of energy.

-Establish a night time routine.  Just as your body recognizes your morning routine as a time to get awake and active, your night time routine is signaling your body to gradually wind down in the hours before you actually go to bed. This routine could include having a tea, taking a shower, self massage or spraying an essential oil blend around your bed. Whatever feels natural and fulfilling to you as a nighttime process.

-Set a time for you to stop checking emails and social media and stick to it.

-Don’t eat or drink after 8pm.  This way your digestive process won’t keep you from falling into a deep sleep.

-Recapitulate before sleep.  Take a moment and play back the days events just like you are watching a movie.  Just observe the events and let them go.  This helps prepare the brain for its all important organizing and processing job that goes on during deep sleep.

-If you are tired – nap.  This can be the hardest one to implement, but even a 10 minute shut-eye will reset your body so you are not straining yourself, just to make it to the end of the day.  Its a much better use of your energy.

-Meditate any time during the day.  Even a few minutes of conscious focus on your breath will help you have a more restful sleep.

Try these processes for a more restful sleep, I’m interested in hearing your results!

Get over it!

The first time I walked over fire, one of my intentions was to get over my shyness. Before that I was so shy that I froze up around people I didn’t know and wasn’t able to express and share with others, amplifying a sense of loneliness I already had. Six months after the walk, looking back I realized I was a completely different person. I had indeed got over this shyness and was able to interact with people like I had always wanted to. This is just one example, but maybe you too have beliefs, behaviors and patterns that you want to “get over” so that you can live life the way you want to. The opportunity is here for you now. Don’t miss it! Why wait any longer when your dreams are just on the other side?11017693_983317305021022_4334215663709795347_n

If you want to be involved in this months firewalk on September 19th, click here for more details and to register.  If you want to be notified about upcoming firewalks sign up to my newsletter here.

Sisterhood – Celebrating Ourselves without Apology


Celeste Lemieux & I in Mexico hosting the Wild Women Empowerment Vacation

Sisterhood is a gift that we as women have when get we together in a safe and supportive space.  Its a phenomenon that happens organically when we share our experiences without judgement.  Sisterhood for me includes my fabulous biological sister, women friends who are close to me as sisters, and women in the community who I have yet to know.

I love arriving at my good friend’s house and finding there are are a few women already there or are on their way.  We share our ideas and they are listened to, not made to feel any less because of them.  We hear a part of ourselves in another’s words and celebrate in each other’s successes.  I go home with lots of juicy nourishment that helps me be a better mother and partner.

But there are often so many barriers between women.  At women’s gatherings, I’ve heard so many times, “to be honest, I was afraid to be in a group with other women”.  Where does this come from, why is is so difficult to be with people who could be our closest allies?

Fear and hatred towards other women I believe comes from historical programming.  Many prominent religious beliefs in the last few thousand years have labelled women as the root of all evil, the cause of suffering, poverty and pain.  There has also been competition historically between women driven by a fear of not having status and/or a male provider.


Doing the work.

I remember in university there was some talk about women’s rights and I thought to myself, “yeah, yeah, I know it already.  I was basically born a feminist, you don’t have to preach to the choir.”  And then I remember very clearly one day I realized that there is a part of me that actually didn’t like women, a part of me that didn’t fully trust them or want to get close and felt more comfortable with my guy friends.  As I admitted this to myself, I began observing my thought patterns and behaviours and made a conscientious effort to clear this self-hatred.  For how can I truly love and trust my Self if I’ve got something against women?

It wasn’t long after that I observed myself feeling jealous towards women that were seemingly more beautiful, more confident, or more something than me.  Through self-examination I realized the way to clear this toxic energy from myself.  Whenever I feel even a tinge of jealousy, I see it as a signal that I want something the other person has that I feel I don’t.  Instead of letting jealousy turn into a destructive force, where I could wish negativity upon this person, I turn it into admiration.  The energy of admiration is loving and giving that supports myself and others. It also sends signals to the universe that this is something I desire and it starts to grow in myself, either as a natural development or through consciously acquiring that trait.

I also find that this phenomenon works in reverse.  When a woman is giving me vibes as if she doesn’t like me, I remind myself that she probably really likes me.  So much so that she’s maybe a bit jealous or intimidated.  And when I endeavour to break the ice, its usually the case and we end up getting along like sisters.

I believe women supporting women is essential in shifting global culture to healthy reflection of feminine-masculine harmony and balance.  We know best how to care for ourselves, as there is a whole other range of needs that accompanies the emotional and physically processes of menstrual and life cycles for women.

When women get together as a group for a duration of time, the pressures of being

Celebrating our Awesome-ness!

Celebrating our Awesome-ness!

around men are allowed to melt away. We are not triggered by the push and pull energies (as my friend Celeste Lemieux puts it) to which we may be accustomed.  The history of male-female interaction is full of bliss as well as terror.  A woman’s personal internal response in circumstances around men at times may range from feelings of defensiveness, neglect, offensiveness, to feelings of inappropriate physical attraction.  When these feelings are just happening without getting a break and integrating, they have a way of creating unnecessary stress and sometimes dysfunction.

When I’m with my trusted women friends, I get to be myself — whether its my girlish, sexy, grouchy, professional, quiet, adventurous self or otherwise.  Then I can come back to daily life feeling like I have expressed myself fully, which is so relieving and nurturing for me.

Women hold such a beautiful essence.  Its important for us to re-learn how to be

Wild Women Empowerment Vacation

Wild Women Empowerment Vacation

together with each other and to acknowledge every woman as Sister.  Let us be free to share appreciation for our own and each other’s unique personal expression without apology – our voice, the way we communicate, our character, our body, hair, style, the things we are strong at, the weaknesses we are willing to expose.   Let us acknowledge the parts of ourselves which are wise, nourishing, rounder and fierce.  When we give authority to our own intuitive wisdom that authority is acknowledged and reflected back to us in the greater world.

It is an honour and dream come true to offer the Wild Women Empowerment Vacation with my friend and sister Celeste Lemieux, and to work with women in business in the Balance Within Wellness Center.  If you are interested in learning how to get involved visit and write to