Spirit Warrior

  • Yearning for some Soul Healing and a focus on your Spiritual Self?

  • Interested in developing and gaining Confidence in your Healing and Intuitive gifts?

  • Want to learn how your Body’s Energy System works and interacts with your reality?

  • Ready to engage in your Passion and really start Walking your Path?

  • Have you decided to take back your Power so you can be the best version Self?

If you answer YES to any of these questions,

This course is your KEY!

“A Spirit Warrior is someone who has embraced and empowered their Inner Self (Spirit)” – Course Graduate



Program Structure:

For 1 on 1 Course:

       *1 Whole Day Intensive/month for 4 months (10-4)

For Group Course:

       *1 Weekend/month for 4 months (ex. Fri 7-10 & Sat 10-4)


You will also Receive:

*2 Personal DNA Activation Sessions

*4 Guided Meditation Recordings

*4 LIVE Group Higher Self Meditations

*Worksheets for Self-Exploration

*Numerous Handouts for Referral

*Certificate of Completion


Benefits of Individual Course:

You get to choose your start date and which date each month we will meet.

We get to focus on the issues and processes that mean the most to YOU.


Meditation Recordings Include:

  1.  Meditation for Intuitive Development
  2. Quietening the Mind and Body awareness
  3. Affirmations of Peace, Love and Beauty
  4. Meditation for Opening the Heart & Conscious Manifestation


Program Details

Part 1:

  • Intuitive Senses
  • Sensing and Significance of Chakras in Body, Mind & Spirit
  • Spirit Guide Journey
  • Charting your own tendencies, strengthen and weaknesses

Part 2:

  • Trauma, Death & Transformation
  • Recognizing the Shadow Self & Inner Critic
  • Forgiveness Process
  • Past Life Journey
  • Psychic Self Defence – Tools for Empathic People

Part 3:

  • Creating Harmony between Thought, Words & Actions
  • Practicing your Strong Voice
  • Soul Gazing
  • Tools to cleanse and enhance the Energy of your Home

Part 4:

  • Poverty vs. Wealth Consciousness
  • Tools for Manifesting your Desire Reality
  • Meeting your Future Self
  • Vision Creation
  • Tuning into your Inner Dancer


Investment in your Self:

*One-Time Payment of $1,111 


*4 monthly payments of $300



Renewed Spirit Life

Wellness Center

10 minutes north of Melfort, SK


How do I Start:

1.  Book a free appointment to see if this course is a fit for you.

2.  Enroll in the course!  Fill out the form below.


I was guided to Afua and Spirit Warrior Training at the right time in my life. The course was everything that I was searching for and more! Afua created a safe and caring place as she guided me through my healing journey. She showed me how to create a deeper connection with myself by looking within for the answers and by listening to my guides. The Spirit Warrior Training with Afua has changed my life and I would highly recommend her to anyone searching for more. Thank you Afua.” – K.G.


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