Get over it!

The first time I walked over fire, one of my intentions was to get over my shyness. Before that I was so shy that I froze up around people I didn’t know and wasn’t able to express and share with others, amplifying a sense of loneliness I already had. Six months after the walk, looking back I realized I was a completely different person. I had indeed got over this shyness and was able to interact with people like I had always wanted to. This is just one example, but maybe you too have beliefs, behaviors and patterns that you want to “get over” so that you can live life the way you want to. The opportunity is here for you now. Don’t miss it! Why wait any longer when your dreams are just on the other side?11017693_983317305021022_4334215663709795347_n

If you want to be involved in this months firewalk on September 19th, click here for more details and to register.  If you want to be notified about upcoming firewalks sign up to my newsletter here.

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