Life After DNA Activation


The following is an article I submitted to Wholife Journal (December’18/Janurary ’19) about my personal experience with DNA Activation and how it could work for you.  Enjoy!

One of the most exciting ventures on my spiritual journey has been deeply connecting with my Higher Self. This happened through the process of DNA Activation. In the years preceding learning about DNA Activation, I had been attacked physically multiple times, been psychically/spiritually targeted, and was under threat of being deported from the foreign country I was living in. Needless to say, I was in a constant paranoid state, and was dealing with other effects of trauma.

Fortunately, for me, at the time of the most traumatic incident, I was already practicing an energy therapy modality called pranic healing. I was studying multiple empowerment skills and spiritual practices and had become aware of the concept of how we, as humans, create our own reality. So, amongst these most distressing situations, I was in a process of healing myself.

Five years later, things were looking up, but I still felt like my life could come crashing down around me at any moment. Paranoid thoughts abound, and I was in a destructive relationship.

After reading on a website about the possibilities of DNA Activation, I did an impromptu intuitive meditation and I could feel a download of energies pouring into me. Then, I had the most amazing sleep. When I woke up, I felt I was purring like a baby. A few months later when I learned more methods of DNA Activation, I experienced a very similar sleep and sensation, almost like I was a child physically growing.

When I looked back a year later, I realized that from that point on, even though I experienced a few more threatening situations, nothing ever came of them. I never got into trouble, I felt safe, even though I lived in the same place. It was like there was a bubble around me that could not be penetrated. I credit that to DNA Activation. I also eventually got myself out of that relationship. Fast forward 6 years later, I’m so happy and grateful for the beautiful reality I am blessed to experience. I’ve come a long way.

The bubble of energy around me that seemed to be an invisible protective barrier, was the result of my energy field being repaired. I believe that the resulting synchronicity of fortunate events that has led me to this present moment has been a result of my entire energy field restoring its healthy functioning ability.

DNA is the blueprint of the body. It instructs the cells how to reproduce and how to function. DNA Activation is about repairing and restoring your DNA to its original Divine template. It restores and regenerates your energy field at the most basic level. Your energy centres and channels can then function properly, enabling your emotional, mental and physical body to function properly as well.

Scientists estimate that less than 10% of our DNA is actually being used. What kind of world do we live in? We live in a world with plenty of amazing technologies, we have a lot of creature comforts and conveniences, the ability to travel around the world quite easily and can communicate with anyone from almost any place instantly. We also experience a lot of health problems, struggles with abundance, depression, anxiety, stress and conflict. What kind of world could we have with even a few more percentage points of our DNA activated?

From a spiritual perspective, DNA Activation is about clearing the blockages between your Higher Self and your ordinary waking self. The Higher Self, as I refer to it, is the dimension of your being that is closest in nature to the Divine. This means it holds an intelligence capable of far more than our ordinary minds can conceive. The energy, information and vibration of our Higher Self is that of pure health, infinite abundance, nourishment, infinite organization, unconditional love and more.

DNA Activation is not a new thing. We’ve all heard of human beings who can perform amazing feats; masters who heal sicknesses instantaneously; yogis who survive long periods without food or water; shamans consciously choosing when to pass from this earth; biblical characters living hundreds of years. These are people who have activated amazing abilities that we have as humans.

We’ve heard of abilities like clairvoyance, telepathy, bilocation, extreme tolerance to heat or cold and instant manifestation. Sometimes we intuitively sense our human potential when we have a “far-out” dream that feels so familiar, or see a movie like X-men and have a resonance with one of the characters. When our DNA is activated, what was once supernatural, becomes natural.

For most of us though, we are interested in how to practically improve our lives right now. DNA Activation manifests as better health, emotional and mental vitality, loving relationships, reduced effects on aging and increased ability to receive abundance of all good things. It tends to happen in a gentle way, we receive intuition on daily decisions, we nourish our bodies better, we gain strength to assert our voice, we experience synchronistic events that support fulfilling education and livelihood, and toxic people disappear from our life. When we tap into our Higher Self, what is best for us will unfold naturally.

There are various methods of DNA Activation from meditation to sound frequencies, sacred geometry, yoga, breathing and special treatments.

Why don’t YOU start with an intuitive meditation and tune into your Higher Self to let DNA Activation work for you, right now?