Why work with me? 

  • I’ve worked with clients who have significantly improved the state of chronic health problems.

  • I have seen clients increase their confidence and self-esteem and its helped them to move into their ideal career and lifestyle.

  • Some clients are working specifically on reaching greater spiritual heights, and we’ve worked together to raise their vibration.

  • Still others have got clear on their relationship needs and cleared toxic relations out of their life and strengthened current partnerships.

But to get the best idea of what you can get out of our sessions,

Hear it from some of my clients themselves:

“After months of pain, Afua, in one session, helped me identify the true root of my challenges.”

-M.S., Theatre Director

“My continued sessions with Afua have saved me in the hardest times and engaged me to be my best in good times.
Personally, professionally and spiritually, I am richer for the work we do together.
I would recommend Afua to anyone who wants to have a safe, enlightening and enjoyable experience of self growth and discovery.”

-Joel Bernbaum, Artistic Director, Sum Theatre

“Sitting and learning with amazing people and the wonderful and knowledgeable Afua Tiah was both fun and informative.”

-Laurissa Fauchoux, Reiki Master & Life Balance Practitioner

“Before I working with Afua Tiah I had a bad habit of doubting my own beliefs and intuition.  After experiencing DNA Activation I have a real sense of presence in myself, a Self-centered strong core that is very refreshing.  I am quite satisfied and empowered with the new internal belief in myself .  I’d recommend working with Afua Tiah to anyone who wants to experience positive changes in their life.”

-DB, Professional businessman

“I’m glad that I listen more to my spirit guides. Things have been working out. Thank you.”

-Dayle Ellis, Artist, Mother


“I have worked with Afua extensively over the past year, doing both group and private breath work sessions, multiple DNA Activation sessions,  space clearing workshops and more.  Afua has a unique gift of being able to guide and hold space for others while they move through these transformative processes. My work with her has been magical, mystical and miraculous!  I look forward with anticipation to our next session.”

– Ted Cawkwell, Agriculture Realty Specialist

“I’d recommend working with Afua Tiah to help anyone who needs a safe space to just go and experience a deeper connection with themselves. Her positivity and calming demeanor made me feel very welcome and that I was in a safe environment to experience what I did. I will definitely return to do another session with her in the future and look forward to unlocking keys to even more happiness through her coaching.”

-Tusia Black – Senior Sales Associate ICR Commercial Real Estate