How to have more Restful Sleep

Waking up feeling groggy and tired is a common occurrence symptom I hear from many of my clients.  A few simple steps can help you have a more restful sleep and wake up full of energy.

-Establish a night time routine.  Just as your body recognizes your morning routine as a time to get awake and active, your night time routine is signaling your body to gradually wind down in the hours before you actually go to bed. This routine could include having a tea, taking a shower, self massage or spraying an essential oil blend around your bed. Whatever feels natural and fulfilling to you as a nighttime process.

-Set a time for you to stop checking emails and social media and stick to it.

-Don’t eat or drink after 8pm.  This way your digestive process won’t keep you from falling into a deep sleep.

-Recapitulate before sleep.  Take a moment and play back the days events just like you are watching a movie.  Just observe the events and let them go.  This helps prepare the brain for its all important organizing and processing job that goes on during deep sleep.

-If you are tired – nap.  This can be the hardest one to implement, but even a 10 minute shut-eye will reset your body so you are not straining yourself, just to make it to the end of the day.  Its a much better use of your energy.

-Meditate any time during the day.  Even a few minutes of conscious focus on your breath will help you have a more restful sleep.

Try these processes for a more restful sleep, I’m interested in hearing your results!

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