How to Walk through Your Fears -with Love

11017693_983317305021022_4334215663709795347_nI’ve walked over hot coals at 27 different events.  I’ve walked over figurative hot coals in my life so many more times and always manage to get to the other side.  This past weekend I co-hosted a women’s retreat.  Firewalking was part of the transformative experience.  This was the third time for me to be the primary leader of the firewalk (as opposed to co-leading or assisting).

The very first time I lead the firewalk I had a knowing that I was able to fulfill my role as facilitator, but I had so much fear come up in me that I was literally shaking in my boots.  The second time, I lead the firewalk I realized that it wasn’t me bringing these willing participants over the fire, it was a power beyond me.  I really was just the facilitator.  I needed to let my ego take a back seat and get over the false notion that “it was up to me” to inspire people to cross the coals.  This alleviated almost all of the fear I had from the previous walk and was left with mostly nervous excitement.  In preparation for this third firewalk with an all-women group I had an even deeper knowing that it was Spirit, the Elements and each of our Divine Connection that was going to lead this group to walk over fire.  This made me feel good and confident that, it is not up to me if someone walks or doesn’t walk.  It doesn’t matter if it rains or doesn’t rain or if we have the walk at all.  The more I stay in connection with Spirit and my Divine Guidance and set the space for each person to be in Connection with theirs, the more I can relax and simply let the ceremony unfold.  IMG_0681

As I witnessed woman after woman take those 5 or 6 steps across the coals, I learned and when I say learned, I mean I felt such a deep knowing that it truly is love that takes people over the fire safely (literally or figuratively).  I could see the heart energy of the woman walking and it was as if it took her floating across the coals.  When I stayed focused on my heart energy, I energized the space for this woman to walk across the fire and into her dreams/goals/intentions.  And this is true if I am walking myself or encouraging someone else on their path.  On the path of Self development and Spiritual discovery, you may have noticed that we continually learn the same truths but at a deeper, more embodied level as we progress on our journey.  To me, this experience was a powerful affirmation. As we experience Love and Faith in our Selves and in the Greater unseen Powers around us to assist with whatever we are facing, our fear is extinguished and we achieve the impossible.

I am so grateful and honoured for experiences like this in my life.  Thank you to all the woman who came out and made this experience possible.  13701141_10157119419120618_8391490732560195572_o(1)

May the love we experienced walking over the fire guide you to see through all fear and into that amazing life experience you’ve dreamt of.  Thank you.

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  1. Thank you for this post Afua Tiah. I find when in describing what a fire walk is- requires a vocabulary that speaks to realms apart from the physical. You have summed it up so well that the experience itself goes far beyond the physical and it proves that the invisible realms are what create the physical appearance and so on, are what is providing support. It is the elements, flow, and fire inside ourselves that push us to move forward and grow. Walking the fire is like setting fire to our true desires, and dreams, by overcoming the hesitation of fear. It was beautiful to see the women face the fire, then claim the walk for themselves.
    My fire is lit, glowing, & I know that the universe will provide the wood to keep it going, Bless!

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