This Too Shall Pass

In my journey of healing lately, all is often well and beautiful and so amazing. But even still, there are times when more “stuff” comes up to be cleared.

The more safe, open and relaxed I feel, a gateway for my deepest, darkest feelings is allowed to come up to the surface of my consciousness. These feelings weren’t allowed to come up before, but now they are here in the light and ready to be integrated with the rest of my whole.

If you can relate to this, remember that -This Too Shall Pass.

Whatever it is, it will pass.

Feel what you feel (don’t press it down for later), breathe, be with people who can honour your process, and let it pass through, as long as it takes. You’re be clearer and brighter on the other side – at least that’s how I feel 😉this-too-shall-pass

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