Breathwork is a process of FREEING the subconscious and getting stuck emotions unstuck. In this treatment the HEALER is the BREATH.

A breathwork treatment begins with clarifying and writing down your intentions.  Making clear ones goals and true priorities alone is a valuable process.  Following this I will create a space for you to safely let go and breathe.  The breathing continues for 1 hour after which you will rest and integrate the shift that has just occurred.  Breathwork can restore a feeling of wholesomeness, well being and connection with one’s deepest self.

This Treatment is for you if you:

  • Are feeling emotionally/energetically stuck in a rut

  • Want to clear through inner obstacles to achieve your desires

  • Are looking for healing of physical illness

  • Want to experience a deeper communion with self

  • Need a boost in energy levels

Breathwork is a process opening up and surrendering to the wisdom of breath.  The breath is a miraculous avenue of healing and it stimulates clearing and growth from the inside out.

The part of your mind that keeps you stuck in the same mindset day after day, and therefore creates the same reality every day, is allowed to take a back seat. Your consciousness accesses deep into the subconscious mind to breaks through limiting beliefs.  This creates healing because it is these limiting beliefs that inhibit health, wellness, prosperity and harmony in your life.

Your own breath is the healer and is able to create the unique healing that only your soul knows. The result is a feeling of freshness and freedom that you may not have felt in years.

Here’s one of my client’s story:

“Before  working with Afua Tiah I felt a heaviness due to negative energy I was still feeling around me after my divorce. I was feeling a heaviness in my heart after terminating such a long term relationship . After experiencing Breathwork I felt a lightness that I had felt on and off by doing other work, but this felt deeper and stronger. I experienced a release I had been needing and a cutting off of all those emotional cords that were tying me down. I did the work and immediately after felt like I had a weight lifted from my spirit. Since doing my breathwork session, I haven’t felt any of the heaviness lingering with me and go through my days feeling grateful for what that part of my life had to teach me and the experience that I was able to really sit and feel it through the Breathwork session.  I’d recommend working with Afua Tiah to help anyone who needs a safe space to just go and experience a deeper connection with themselves. Her positivity and calming demeanor made me feel very welcome and that I was in a safe environment to experience what I did. I will definitely return to do another session with her in the future and look forward to unlocking keys to even more happiness through her coaching. “

-Tusia Black – Senior Sales Associate ICR Commercial Real Estate

2 hour In-Person Treatment: $145

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