DNA Activation

DNA Activation is Higher Self Activation.

DNA is the programmable blueprint of life.  It is a map of how our cells and bodies generate and regenerate.

Scientists suggest that less than 10% of human’s DNA is useful and are unclear about the function of the other 90%.  Within this  90%, actually, lies the answer to unleashing potentials within us that create a magnificent quality of life.

These potentials contain dormant abilities that you may have thought only belong to gurus, high level yogis or martial artists.  Abilities such as:

  • Perfect Health

  • Synchronicity

  • Deep Spiritual Connection

  • Manifestation Abilities

What is also interesting is that scientific studies show that the environment of our DNA alters the function and very nature of the cell it creates.

DNA in an environment of Unconditional Love will flourish, restore, reconfigure and regenerate.

This is what DNA Activation is all about. 

Using Sacred Geometric Codes, we connect with energies vibrating at the same level as your Higher Self.  Your Higher Self is a real Being that is closest to the Divine and is vibrating with pure unconditional love.

The energy of your Higher Self and the Sacred Geometric Codes do 2 things during DNA Activation treatments:

  1. Clear Out energies and patterns that have distorted the DNA template – auric attachments, ids, unintentional cords and karmic imprints
  2. Restore the Original Divine Imprint – creating the capacity for you to hold more Light and Love

What does this mean for you on a practical basis?

Results from DNA Activation include:

  • Improved Health -more energy and even doctor approved elimination/ reduction of pharmaceuticals

  • Increased Well Being through greater emotional balance and connection to the Divine

  • Loving Relations – clearing of toxic relationships and strengthening positive ones

  • Synchronicity – solutions coming to you with ease in daily life

  • Re-connection with Self Esteem and Intuition

  • Abundance of all Good Things

  • Clarity in our Life Path


What is a Treatment like?

A DNA Activation treatment begins by cleansing and balancing the 7 major chakras (energy centers) and any other high priority areas of the body.  Using Sacred Geometric Codes, I facilitate the clearing of subconscious energies and patterns that are preventing your well being.  I then facilitate the channeling of energy from your Higher Self into your conscious awareness and physical body.  Throughout the treatment I pass along intuitive information from your energy field as it comes up.  This technique restores harmony in the subconscious mind and provides practical action steps to further create harmony in your life.


Can create a noticeable positive shift in your state of being.  If this work is calling out to you, don’t hesitate.  Its worth it for you to step into the reality you’re meant to be living.


Can completely restore your energy field and rocket you to an elevated plateau.  We usually space them about 2 weeks apart and include:

  • Auric Clearing

  • Deep Karmic Clearing

  • 12 stage Activation

  • Wealth Activation

  • Continued Coaching

  • Space Clearing of Home or Office

  • Breathwork Session

  • Supportive Processes to help you achieve your goals such as Vision Creation, Meditation, Self-Analysis, Forgiveness, Spirit Council and more

Distance Treatment: $75   In-Person Treatment: $85

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“Wow, where do I start! I went to see Afua for a specific reason, I have done quite a bit of work on my self throughout my life and really came to a point where I felt that the few issues that I couldn’t seem to shake were something that I couldn’t logically fix or improve. I had read and meditated and wrote and so many other things that I could physically or practically do but I truly felt that there was something to be done beyond my will.  I felt that I needed some change from the inside out and that was exactly what Afua did. My sessions with her were easy and I could just let go and let be, what a relief. I seen incredible change probably a month after we were finished and I’m continuing to see it, it is exactly what I thought and my decisions are effortless now, coming more from intuition then ever. Thank you XOXOXOX

-Candace E., Photographer

DNA Activation is for you if :

  • Tired of living on the Surface and want to get in touch with your Purpose

  • Looking for healing from Emotional Trauma

  • Overwhelmed by your Sensitive or Empathic tendencies

  • Want to make a Particular Change in life but feel there is just something that’s holding you back

  • Desiring to connect Even Deeper with your Higher Self and Spirit

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