Spirit Guide Read

It’s time to Strengthen your Connection to your Spirit Family!

A Spirit Guide Read is a journey for you to connect directly with the guidance of your spirit helpers.

We often get caught up in our head and forget there is a team of spirit beings who are ready to be at our side and help us with our life choices.

You have Spirit Helpers around you all the time which may include:

  • Angels

  • Nature Spirits

  • Celestial Bodies

  • Spirits of the Land, Mineral, Water, Air, Fire

  • Power Animals

  • Spirit Guides

  • Ancestors

The messages you receive will be directly related to the highest priority situations in your life right now.

This session will help you:

  • Create a direct connection to your Spirit Family

  • Deepen receptivity to your intuition

  • Receive guidance that is significant to important life decisions

  • Get in the FLOW of life

To begin this session I will take you through a short centering meditation.  We will create a safe space and follow a protocol so that only Beings with the intention of love and messages for your highest good will be allowed to come through. I will gently guide you to call on 1- 5 of your spirit guides.  There is no hypnosis so you are in total control of the session the entire time.  Each Being will give their message in turn.  I will record or write down the messages as they come through so you will be able to return to them again and again.

Distance: $60 In-Person: $70 (45 minutes)


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